Nils Benson is a painter who works in Los Angeles, Ca.

Primarily using oil on stretched canvas or boards, Nils has been painting since he attended Pacific North West College of Art in Portland, Oregon. 1984 -1989 and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute 1986. He also makes etchings and woodblock prints as well as using numerous drawing materials.  He has also worked in the film industry in numerous roles.



Solo Exhibitions: 2000 N.W. Island Gallery, Lopez Island, WA. 1997 Studio Row, Los Angeles, Ca. 1990 Dirty laundry, Gallery114, Portland Or.

Other Selected Exhibitions:  2016 Umpqua Valley Arts Association Artworks Northwest Exhibit, Roseburg, Oregon, juried selection 2015- Blue Sky Gallery- NW Photography viewing drawers 2008 After Hours- Laika Employees 2008 Internal Guidance System- Lewis and Clark college. 2007 The Art Traders, Sydney Australia 2004 Artist Trust Grant award winners, Seattle Wa. 2002 Chimera gallery-“One from the heart” 2001 Chimera Gallery group show, Lopez Island, Wa. 1990 Introducing 114, Gallery 114, Portland Or. 1989 Thesis Exhibit, Portland Art Museum 1988 Selected Works. 1986 Five Paintings from China, PNCA, Portland Or

Awards: G.A.P. Award Grant -2004 1986 Gamblin Paints Award

Director of Photography:  “Kobe and LeBron James” Nike Puppets KTC vs Rice.  “Balloons” shot in 3D L.G. 3D TV  Director- Pander Brothers, Agency-Steelhead.  Stop Motion Animation -Microsoft “Boarding & Homecoming”- Agency- Keith Rivers Films   “Bright Falls” (TV series) (D.P. second unit – 6 episodes)   2nd Unit D.P. and ‘A ‘camera operator– ‘In The Cut’-Director of Photography D.P. Dion Beebe, Director – Jane Campion  “Nice Hat” Director- David Brisbin -Documentary  “HomeLand” Director- Chris Young  “Bi The Way” Directors- Brittany Blockman, Josephine Decker -Documentary  “Pontiac Days” Director -MaryAnne Marino -Short film  “The Prids” Director- Tobias Perse -Music Video

Camera Operator:  “The Opening Act” D.P. Eric Alan Edwards  “Lean On Pete” D.P. Magnus Nordenhof Jønck    ”Where’s the Money” D.P. Andrew Huebscher “The Hollars”- D.P. Eric Alan Edwards, Director – John Krasinski   “Knocked Up” – D.P. Eric Alan Edwards, Director – Judd Apatow “Montage of Heck” – D.P. Eric Alan Edwards, Director – Brett Morgen   “Significant Mother” D.P. Tyson Wisbock. CW Channel “Grimm” NBC TV series, Season 1 – 3 – D.P. Marshal Adams, ASC and Cort Fey ASC “21 And Over”- D.P. Terry Stacey ASC, Director – Scott Moore, Jon Lucas   “The Squid and the Whale” D.P. Bob Yeoman, Director – Noah Baumbach “In The Cut” – D.P. Dion Beebe, Director – Jane Campion “The Believers” – D.P. Andrew Huebscher, Director – Daniel Myrick “The Ropes” – 13 episodes D.P. Andrew Huebscher   “Sony Bravia Color” – D.P. Jim Frohna “Amex card Fab. Five Spots” – D.P. Tom Kruger, Director- Nick Lewin “KFC” Camera Operator D.P. Eric Edwards – W+K

Producer, Director, D.P. : Brisk Tea Brisk Stories “The Dentist” 2011 Microsoft, “ Boarding” and “Landing”

Assistant Director: Brisk Tea “Brisk Ozzy Normal “-Brisk Eminem Super Bowl Commercial 2011” – “Machete’ – A Brisk Story by Danny Trejo – Lipton Brisk

Gaffer- Laika Productions” Coraline”- 2008 – 2009:

Visual Effects Assistant-“Mars Attacks”-1995

Production Coordinator – Documentary film “Between your legs, motorcycles in SOCAL” 1992

Assistant Editor – My Own Private Idaho, Michele Comte Bio and Paint it Orange.

A/V Technician – Portland Art Museum 1989-1991

Freelance sound engineer: Concert Sound ,Portland OR. 1988-1991

Projectionist –  Northwest Film Study Center from 1984- 1991

Staff Sports Photographer – Pullman Herald 1982-1984