Nils Benson Biography

Nils Benson’s (born 1966) paintings are characterized by their distinctive combination of figurative imagery and possibly surreal, everyday environments. His enigmatic compositions employ an eccentric iconography of human characters and common objects within familiar-looking but imaginary settings. While Benson often begins each work without a preconceived idea of the finished result, there is a uniquely recognizable, visual incoherence to his oeuvre. His paintings display palettes of contrasting strong and muted secondary colors, and recurrent subjects include the seamless integration of organic and non-organic elements as well as references to the creative process, brushwork, and artistic struggle. The artist’s treatment of representation as a conceptual construct is deliberately naive, inarticulate, and non-perspectival, and often seems to allude to different unresolved narratives, perceptions, or flows of thought.

Benson was born in Los Angeles, where he continues to live and work, and studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, Oregon). Since 2015, Benson’s work has been represented by The LODGE. Benson’s work has been the part of exhibitions at institutions nationally, and internationally — most recently during Sexy-Xmas  in 2018 at The LODGE.